Wine and Swiss cheese, the ideal mix to enjoy incredible sensations on the palate. But is any marriage valid? The answer is a definit no. When pairing these two products you have to take into account aspects such as the texture, taste and acidity of the wine. In the same way, we must differentiate between the different types of cheese (creamy, soft, cured, aged …) and look for the most suitable for the broth that we are going to taste.

3 swiss cheese varieties, 3 wines

Le Gruyère AOP – Godello Camino de Cabras

Gruyère is a hard cheese made in the canton of Friborg for more than 900 years. Its flavor is delicate and strong, with a pronounced aroma, so the sensation when mixed with a wine with citrus notes is delicious for the palate. Our Albariño Camino de Cabras is an ideal option for the pairing of Gruyére. It is a wine that caresses our taste buds with its tropical reminiscences. Transgressor and thug, it connects perfectly with current times and its match with the Gruyère will become on of your favourites.

Sbrinz AOP – Albariño Camino de Cabras

Sbrinz AOP cheese is considered one of the oldest in Switzerland. Of powerful aroma, it is produced in the Lucerne region and its maturation process lasts 18 months. Once finished, it turns out to be an extra-ordinary texture and has a very tasty flavor, with body and character, which matches perfectly with a fruity white wine like our Godello. This variety of variety stands out for its intense fruity aromas of apple, pear and white flowers. It is balanced in the mouth, silky and elegant, so it transmits the perfect acidity to accompany with a good Sbrinz.

Appenzeller® – Mencía Camino de Cabras

This type of cheese contains a secret inside: during its ripening process, it is rubbed with a brine composed of more than 25 aromatic herbs that only 2 people know in the world. It is an intense and strong flavor, typical of the canton of Appenzell, which we recommend to drink with a young red wine, such as our Mencía. This Camino de Cabras has been recognized as one of the best Mencía red wines in Galicia and, therefore, in Spain. Sale of grapes grown in the town of O Barco and No Serro, in the Camino de Santiago. It presents a crystalline ruby ​​color and aromas of red fruits, currants and blackberries, with memories of raisins and ripe figs in the mouth. To combine these flavors with the intensity of the Appenzeller? If it sounds rich, imagine how it tastes.

With these 3 proposals of Swiss cheese and wine pairings you will always have an ace up your sleeve to surprise your guests or give a tribute to your palate. Choose your favorite combination and enjoy an authentic experience for your senses, courtesy of the cheese country. Take advantage!


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