The benefits of pasta in our diet and why not? Enjoy it with a good glass of Camino de Cabras wine.

Pasta is one of the most beloved comfort foods in the world. It is as versatile as it is economical and can be served with several different sauces. As such, it has a negative reputation among the weight loss community and healthy diets.

Next, however, there are several incredible reasons why this delicious dish should become a regular part of our diet and that its increase increases exponentially with a good glass of wine.

For busy people, this is one of the most versatile and portable foods that exist. For example, if you often take your lunch to work, you can easily store it in a topperware and heat it at lunch time. This will provide an abundant meal that will give you a lot of energy and a minimal cost. Another important benefit you can get from this food is the ability to make vegetables tasty. For example, if it is difficult to get your children to eat vegetables, this is an excellent way to introduce a colorful variety of nutrient-rich vegetables into your child’s meals. Your child will hardly know that he has chopped pieces of peppers, zucchini, tomatoes and olives in this dish.

Needless to remember the fact that pasta is incredibly cheap. That is why it is a common staple food in many homes.

In addition, pasta today is prepared in many ways with many recipes and taken to the “fifth essence” of Gourmet cuisine.

Knowing how to pair it with our favorite white or red wine, the flavors are enhanced and the taste experience is unmatched by turning a simple pasta dish into a delicacy of the gods!


Today we recommend “Pasta with prawns and vegetables” that pairs perfectly with a white wine Albariño Camino de Cabras.

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