This is one of the most common questions when selecting the appropriate wine to accompany any meal, something that will depend not only on the taste of each one but also on the kind of food offered and on the proper virtues of the wine.

Beyond specific attributes, we are also going to show you the benefits of both red and white wine bring if consumed regularly.


Which one is better?

White or red wine?

It is not possible to answer to this question strongly since it is a really relative question. Although, along this post we are going to offer you a range of all beneficial properties of each type in order to help you to select one or other:

Red wine properties:

  • It helps heart care by improving its health and by decreasing blood pressure.
  • It can help to prevent dementia and other illness of our brain.
  • It maintains control over cholesterol by decreasing the bad one and increasing the good one.
  • It is a great antioxidant that helps breast cancer and lung cancer prevention.
  • It copes with urinary infections.
  • It helps treat gums infections.

White wine properties:

  • It prevents cardiovascular and lung diseases.
  • It copes with diabetes.
  • It maintains arteries healthy.
  • It is good for brain health.

These are the principal benefits for our health. As can be seen, red wine presents more positive features than white wine.

It must be highlight that, both wines, can help slow down aging and they are a good fiber support. Also, red wine provides a higher number of calories and it presents a higher degree of alcohol.

Differences between red and white wine

As we have already commented, in terms of nutrition, red wine presents a higher caloric contribution, more vitamins and minerals, as well as a higher level of alcohol. Simultaneously, red wine has less acidity and this affects positively to digestion process.


How are they produced?

When it comes to the elaboration issue, the biggest difference lies in the fermentation process. for red wine, it is used the skin of the grape. Not like that for white wine, in which only the fruit of the grape is used, without any seeds or skins. This difference will affect not only the color, but also a lot of nutritives elements of red wine. It is important to point out that, for the production of some varieties of white wine, red grape can be used. Nonetheless, for the production of red wine only red grapes are used.

Our recommendations

How to pair wine?

Seafood, fish and rice. dry and light white wines with a sweet touch, like our wine called Godello, with intense fruity aromas that will be delicious on the palate, or our Albariño with the essence of the apricots accompanied with tropical aromas.  

Meats. Light red wines or dry white wines with low acidity. We recommend you our amazing Mencía, with aromas of red berries accompanied by memories which smell like raisins and fig confiture.

Up to here all most important differences we can find in one and another, that, as we have seen, they are not so different. From Camino de Cabras we recommend you to enjoy both of them since each one has its particularities, as well as its multiple benefits. We invite you to taste one of our creations, you will not regret.


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